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A is for April…and Allergies: What to Do When Allergens Attack

Kaitlyn Edwards, MD discusses the importance of allergies during this time of year.

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Dr. Wael Ghanim, Pediatrician, joins Clark Clinic Pediatrics

Expanding pediatric care and availability in the Winchester area. 

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Welcome Gregory Rupp, MD - Pediatrics

Dr. Gregory Rupp, Pediatrician, joins Clark Clinic Pediatrics

Learn more about our new pediatrician with Clark Clinic.

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Breast Cancer - Be Aware and Take Action by Shelly Rogers, MD

Breast Cancer - Be Aware and Take Action

Shelly Rogers, MD answers some of the most frequently asked questions concerning this form of cancer. 

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Welcome Lucas Wright, DO - General Surgery

Dr. Lucas Wright, General Surgeon, joins Winchester General Surgery

Dr. Wright joins Dr. Bartee and Dr. Brohez at Winchester General Surgery!

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